Saturday, April 25, 2009


The Marijuana smoking and Taquito Munching Takes Much Time; That Means The Men That Talk Much and Taint Massage Tantric Munchkins Totally Masturbate Ten Minutes Toward Mysticism.

Tracy's Mad about Tragic Mass growth This Month.

Katie drank Too Many Tonic Marvels while Texting Madly To Mystery Man.

Try Matt: no, Too Much pressure. Tomorrow Maybe.

Alex's turn, Tranny Mentions and Tortured Mammals (specifically hamsters, baby owls and hedgehogs) Turned our Man into a Total Mohican (or a hasidic hispanic??).

Dave's Trimmed Man-shorts were Too Masculine for Table Manners To Monopolizise The Mayhem.

Totally Metal Steve Told Many Tales, about Tuned Musicians and Tainted Manhoods.

Today May be a little sun induced Tranny Mayhem, but That's My kind of night.

Till 'Morrow. xo Gossip Girl.

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